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Video: Shoei X-Twelve Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Review

Shoei X-Twelve Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Review - Video Gallery
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Shoei X-Twelve Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Review

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View a quick video on the Shoei X-Twelve Full Face Motorcycle Helmet


View a quick video on the Shoei X-Twelve Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

I’m Matt from Chaparral Motorsports and this is Shoei’s X-twelve full face helmet. The X-twelve is at the top of the food chain for Shoei; it’s their premier race helmet and has been for several years now. It is upwards of 7 to 800 dollars but, It has features for the highly aggressive sport bike rider. It’s been through numerous tests with Moto GP guys and through countless hours of wind tunnel testing to maximize performance. So let’s get right to it. It has Shoei’s AIM shell, which is made from fiberglass and other proprietary organic materials so it’s very strong but lightweight. The materials will allow the helmet to be flexible and absorb impact better. It’s manufactured in 5 shell sizes. That’s a big deal because that allows just about every size to have a precise fit. Not to mention it shaves weight. We all know that ounces are crucial in racing; it’ll also help with fatigue. Next, the CW-1 face shield is wider and taller for better vision while you’re in the tucked position and to give you better peripheral vision.  You want to be able to see everything around you to make the best decision. The shield is optically correct and anti-fog. The X-twelve features Shoei’s Q.R.S.A base plate system, Quick Release Self Adjusting. This not only makes shield changes simple and quick but the base plates will pull the shield towards the helmet creating a tight seal against the gasket. That shield makes a huge difference, but what’s also one of the most important features when it comes to building a premium helmet is the ventilation. You have 5 total adjustable intake vents in the chin bar, brow, forehead and at the top of the helmet. What’s pretty cool are these side extractors to help cool the riders face, those are just two of 10 exhaust vents drawing out hot air. The spoiler on the X-twelve has a little different design than say the RF-1200. It has a different shape to it and was designed to be more aero dynamic and create down force at speed. It’ll also generate more negative air pressure in the back of the helmet to helmet draw out even more hot air more effectively. These red tabs on the neck roll are the Emergency Quick Release System. In the event of a crash, Emergency crews can safely remove the helmet by pulling the tabs and releasing the cheek pads without injuring the rider. First off the cheek pads, along with the liner, are three-dimensionally shaped to give you more of a precise fit and really hug all of the different contours of your face and head. Making it super comfortable and quieter. The liner and cheek pads are covered with the 3D max dry system. This is Shoei’s very own material that’s moisture wicking so it does a great job at managing sweat, and it’s removable and washable. Now that the liner is removed you can see the dual layer EPS liner, which continues on into the chin bar. This does a couple things…..The channels improve air flow through the entire helmet and it’s layered with different densities to absorb impact better to rider. In some parts it’s softer like a crumple zone and other parts are more rigid and won’t break down. To find more info on sizing, colors and pricing go to and don’t forget to Subscribe to us on YouTube. Thanks for I’m Matt from Chaparral Motorsports.  

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