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Video: Oakley Mayhem Pro MX Goggles Review

Oakley Mayhem Pro MX Goggles Review - Video Gallery
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Oakley Mayhem Pro MX Goggles Review

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Review the features of the Oakley Mayhem Pro MX Goggles


Review the features of the Oakley Mayhem Pro MX Goggles

I’m matt from chaparral motorsports here with the new 2015 Oakley mayhem pro mx goggle. If you already have the previous mayhems and they fit you just right but you're looking to bump up your eye protection these are the perfect goggles to look at. They basically steal the most important feature from the Air brakes, which are Oakley's newest model that revolutionized today’s market in eye protection, at a more affordable price.
The new Mayhem pros have a high impact lens that passes Oakley’s safety standard for military eye wear.  Its roughly 33% stronger than a typical Lexan lens that most goggles have. When you take a standard flat lens and then you bend it into a curved frame it distorts the field of vision.  So just like the Air Brake this lens is injection molded to get the perfect curves which enhances optics and increases you peripheral vision. Not only will you be able to see better but it can withstand the force of a 450 cc bike throwing roost without penetrating or knocking the lens out of the frames. Make sure you subscribe to our Youtube channel to leave us some feedback on what you think about these things. Okay so, The other stuff is basically the same as the previous mayhems, but these lenses are not compatible with the old model so can’t just swap them. We'll go over it anyway. What you get is really nice triple density foam its moisture wicking and the fleece feels good against your face, it’s nice and soft.
They have the O matter frame which is flexible so its form fitting and it has the outrigger system to fit better on the face and prevent any kind of pressure point. The straps are pretty cool, they’re quick release and can be interchangeable, and you’ve also got silicone print to help the goggles stay in place. Also, a few other things like a removable nose guard and it comes with two tear off posts with tear offs in the box. You can get the Mayhem Pros starting at 100 bucks, but this one in particular has the optional iridium lens so its 30 bucks more, it helps to reduce glare so the choice is yours. For more in on the Mayhem Pros go to, any questions or comment feel free to share anytime. Thanks for watching, Im Matt from Chaparral.

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