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Video: Drayko Renegade Motorcycle Riding Jeans

Drayko Renegade Motorcycle Riding Jeans - Video Gallery
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Drayko Renegade Motorcycle Riding Jeans

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Watch this review of Drayko Motorcycle Denim Pants for Riding


Watch this review of Drayko Motorcycle Denim Pants for Riding

I’m Matt from Chaparral Motorsports here with the Drayko Renegade riding jeans. Drayko was the very first company to come out with a Kevlar riding jean that received the CE stamp of approval. With their innovative ideas and dedication, they’ve created some of the best protective motorcycle riding jeans in today’s market. So as you can see, these are a relaxed fit and a little looser around the knees for more comfort on the bike. The denim even has some stretch fabric incorporated into it which makes it very comfortable all around. And if you wanted to change it up without sacrificing protection, they’re available in black as well. The Renegade is made with two types of Kevlar and has huge panels of a special material called Dyneema. Dyneema is the world’s strongest fiber, even stronger than Kevlar by 40 percent. They also have a cooling aspect to it, allowing breathability when riding and also in the event of a crash. It helps to cool the friction between you and the pavement more effectively. So, you’ll see Dyneema in all the high impact areas such as the hip, sides of the legs, and in the seat of the pant. These jeans were specifically designed for riding so they have lots of functional riding features. For instance, its cut higher in the back to give you plenty of coverage in the riding position, no plumbers crack, It also has wide belt loops and more of them. And the seams, which are triple stitched, have been designed to be incognito, just so that you have a more casual look once you get off the bike.  The pockets are nice too, they’re easy to get your hand in and out of even with gloves on. They only come in one length, you can always have them hemmed, but with riding jeans you’re going to want them to be a little longer than your normal pants because you want to have more coverage over your boots while in the riding position.  To find more info and sizing available on the Drayko Renegades visit our website Also subscribe to our YouTube channel and leave us some comments, share your thoughts of  these jeans. And as always we have 3 easy ways to shop. Give us a call 1-800-841-2960. Visit us at or see us at 160,000 sq. ft. motorsports superstore. Thanks for watching I’m matt form chaparral. Your destination for all things motorsports. 

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