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Video: RZ Mask Face Mask Review

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RZ Mask Face Mask Review

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Watch a quick review on the RZ Mask Face Mask


Watch a quick review on the RZ Mask Face Mask

I’m Matt from Chaparral Motorsports here with the RZ Mask Face mask. What this mask does is actually pretty cool. It filters out 99.9 % of dust and particulates in air and are used for a number of things not just motorcycle riding in specific. You can use them running outdoors when air quality is bad, they have one for hunting, use it in the snow because it’ll help with fogging, all types of motorcycle riding so sandy and extremely dusty, even painting the house. It utilizes an active carbon filtration system and comes with 2 replacement filters that are easy to swap out. The actual mask is made from neoprene so lightweight, stretchy and comfortable. At the bridge of the nose there’s a flexible clip to ensure proper placement on face and so that it won’t slip down. Chances are you’re probably not just going to be sitting there with it on, you’ll be moving this way and that way so that’s cool. What’s even cooler are these dual valve exhausts. These are what regulate the moisture from exhaled breathing. It allows air to go out but not back in. Try putting on like a Halloween mask that doesn’t have anything more than just a cut out and then try this and tell me what you think. And then on the either side a there are vents to prevent your face from getting too sweaty. At the back of the mask you have a large Velcro patch to secure it and easily adjust accordingly. There are so many different applications this thing will work for so for about 30 bucks it won’t break the bank and it’ll keep you breathing happy. Make sure you check out the massive color selection and the sizes available at and don’t forget to subscribe to us on YouTube. Thanks for watching. I’m Matt, we’ll see you again.





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