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Video: Fly Racing 2015 Lite Hydrogen MX Gear Review

Fly Racing 2015 Lite Hydrogen MX Gear Review - Video Gallery
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Fly Racing 2015 Lite Hydrogen MX Gear Review

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Watch the latest review on the Fly Racing 2015 Lite Hydrogen MX Gear


Watch the latest review on the Fly Racing 2015 Lite Hydrogen MX Gear

I’m Matt from Chaparral Motorsports and I’m here to talk about the 2015 Fly Racing Lite Hydrogen gear. Fly really took in what Trey Canard and Andrew Short were saying about what they would want in pro level motocross gear. And the answer to that was to make it as minimal as possible. The jersey is simple but is everything would want. It has a low profile multi-directional mesh collar, there’s mesh all down the sides and on the back of the arm to let off all of that body heat. The cuffs are essentially not even there because they’re so non-restrictive. 
The graphics are sublimated so they’ll stay looking fresh after many times through the wash. It’s simplicity done right. The pants I think are what really make the lite hydrogen collection come to life. Not only are they made with a 90% stretch material but they just feel like they move with you like no other. Defiantly not like the traditional motocross pant were used to.
Up at the top is a ratcheting closure system and just behind that is their zipper lock system. This will make sure your zipper stays up and so that your pants don’t fall. On the hip you have the 2D buckle system which is the slimmest waist adjustment out on the market. It was actually designed and developed by Fly as well. There’s a huge amount of ribbed stretch panels in the front of the pant, in the crotch and the seat is floating. These pants will move in any direction, in any circumstance. In the knee area there’s a bit of padding built in with a ton of space for knee braces, so you definitely won’t have an issue there. Another thing that fly is doing is allowing you to make the decision of whether or not you want the leg cuffs to have elastic or be straight leg. You just pull the elastic band out and snip it.  A new thing for this year is the black leather heat guard to give it a better look and its triple stitched with Kevlar to be more durable and protect your legs.
The gloves are pretty straight forward. They kind of go with the whole lightweight theme, the graphics are sublimated; they have Lycra in the side walls of the fingers which will give them some air flow. The palm is a single layer synthetic leather and it’s perforated for more air flow there as well. And the thumb is reinforced too. That’s it on the Fly Lite Hydrogen collection. There’s a few other colors available so you should defiantly check them out. You can find them on

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