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Video: GoPro Hero4 Black Edition Camera Review

GoPro Hero4 Black Edition Camera Review - Video Gallery
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GoPro Hero4 Black Edition Camera Review

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Watch a short video on the GoPro Hero4 Black Edition Camera


Watch a short video on the GoPro Hero4 Black Edition Camera

I’m Matt from Chaparral Motorsports here with the new GoPro Hero 4 Black




It’s finally here. This is the new Hero 4 black, which is now the most sophisticated POV camera they have out. They just keep getter better and better and are used for all kinds of things. From babies first step to professional movie shoots. With the 4 Black, it now can shoot videos in 4k at 30 frames per second, that’s huge and 2.7k at 50 frames per second. That’s true cinema quality footage.


So we’re just going to quickly run through this guy and I’ll point out some of the new features like the new processor. It’s now going to be twice as fast as the previous model which in turn means that it’s going to play back smoother, crisper and have a richer, shaper look to it. A brand new lens also helps out quite a bit. A new processer and new lens will create a better image so what about the sound? Well they’ve put in better mics to enhance your video in every way. From extremely loud events to a soft melody from an acoustic guitar, you’ll capture sound better than ever. If we look at the exterior of the camera you’ll notice some changes. The LED screen is now larger and the indicators have been relocated and reduced. The old lights use to be next to the lens and slightly larger. The battery compartment has also been relocated to the bottom and the door Is a tad different too. GoPro’ s have always been known for its waterproof design and its mounting capabilities so that’s pretty much a given. And there’s even more mounts available. Your imagination is your limitation to capturing epic shots. Another thing that makes it user friendly is the built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. So it makes it easy to upload footage right to social media. If you’re looking through the GoPro app, which got an update by the way, you can view what the camera sees right on your smartphone. They even have a remote you can get that controls around 50 cameras I believe. Let’s talk a little about new settings. A really cool one is the Highlight setting. This will allow you to tag your favorite footage so it makes it easier and faster to pick out the good stuff. Protune is also new and is another great feature. This allows you to fully customize whatever it is that you’re shooting in camera mode or photo. You can adjust the ISO limit, color, sharpness, exposure and the white balance. They’ve added quick capture. This is a one button action that lets you turn the camera on and start recording, rather than set up every shot and go through the menus or whatnot. So if something crazy is about to happen, you’ll be right there to get in an instant. Auto low light is huge in GoPros because a lot of the time what we’re doing is unpredictable. So imagine you’re driving on a road with trees that overhang. Light is going come through in spurts so in this feature, the camera will automatically adjust the frame rates to compensate. That way you don’t have to. This will give you bright, vibrant photos and videos when conditions aren’t ideal for recording.

The list keeps going on and on. There’s so much you can do with these things. The last one we’ll talk about is Superview mode. This lets you capture more of what you’re doing rather than cutting out most of the background. It gives you an insane wide angle perspective. So just to wrap up, the only way to fully grasp the capabilities of this camera is to get out there and experience it for yourself. The Hero 4 black is definitely up to professional grade and just may be too much to handle for the average Joe which is why they also have a the Hero 4 Silver. Click this link to jump right into that video and check out the differences. For more info and to see the full line up of accessories go to And don’t forget to Subscribe to us on YouTube Thanks for watching. I’m Matt, we’ll see you again.


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