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Video: Sidi Discovery Motorcycle Rain Boots Review

Sidi Discovery Motorcycle Rain Boots Review - Video Gallery
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Sidi Discovery Motorcycle Rain Boots Review

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Watch a short review on the Sidi Discovery Motorcycle Rain Boots


Watch a short review on the Sidi Discovery Motorcycle Rain Boots

I’m Matt from Chaparral Motorsports here with the Sidi Discovery Rain boot. Sidi is known for making top notch boots, so these are defiantly in that premium category. They use top quality materials to offer a waterproof boot that can be used for a few different styles of riding.

Since this is a waterproof boot with a, what I would consider a mid-height construction, it works perfectly for those of you that dual sport/ adventure ride.  They’ll give you great abrasion resistance and offer plenty of protection on and off the road without having to wear something like a full motocross style boot. That makes off the bike exploring a lot easier. They can even work well for those of you that go on ATV trail rides. So the guys riding the Sportsmens, an Outlander or a Foreman and so on and so forth.  They have a slim design and a nice tread so they won’t get caught up in the fenders and getting into tighter areas of the ATV shouldn’t be a problem.

So let’s ahead a break it down.  The main outer construction of the boot consists of 3 materials. You have top grain leather and technomicro in the base of the boot and then you have split grain leather in the upper inner portion of the boot. So that’s going protect your leg from any hot surfaces and it adds to the longevity of the boot because that’s a high traffic area for usage.

The reason for the combination of leather and a synthetic material is because the leather adds that supple, flexible, comfortable aspect. You’ll see that placed in all of those key zones like at the top of the ankle and just above the heel. Whereas the synthetic material has no imperfections like leather may have. So that’s how you’ll get a longer lasting boot. And there’s a membrane added to block out the water yet maintains breathability to your feet. At the top, you have a thermoplastic shin protector that’s anatomically shaped so get that perfect curvature, another reason why it has such a slim profile. The heel is shock resistant and anatomically correct as well, that’s a good feature because the when you’re off-road especially, your foot can come off the bike and smack either smack into it or an object. So this will protect you against that. Since the height of the boot is shorter, it has 3 buckles instead of the typical 4. These are a cam lock style buckle so they lock into place, they’re very durable and are easy to open and close. Also, the straps are replaceable if one were to snag on something and break. If we flip it over you can see the sole. It has a rugged pattern and uses a softer rubber for better grip in all different conditions. And it has a replaceable steel toe cap. Let’s a look at the top of the boot before we go inside. It has this elastic opening, this not only makes it more comfortable to walk in because this area flexes with your step but it’ll close the gap between your leg and the boot to block out some debris.

If we open it up, there’s a Velcro enclosure and now you can also see the gaiter. That’ll seal it up to keep water and mud from going inside. If you went through a creek that’s knee high then you’re on your own at that point. Looking into the boot, this a Cambrelle liner, which is super well know company for a lot of high end footwear. It’s great at managing the moisture because it’s breathable which also means its wicking. And it makes the boot comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

I hope that gave you a little better perspective on these boots. If you own a pair of these, leave a comment down below and share your thoughts with all of our viewers. For more info go to Don’t forget to subscribe to us on YouTube. Thanks for watching, I’m Matt, we’ll see you again.


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