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Video: GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition Camera Review

GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition Camera Review - Video Gallery
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GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition Camera Review

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Review the features of the GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition Camera


Review the features of the GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition Camera

I’m Matt from Chaparral Motorsports here with the new GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition. I’m thinking this is going to be the best selling GoPro. With features providing the most GoPro has to offer but without the complexity of the Hero 4 Black. For instance, the Hero 4 silver offers 4k but only at 15 FPS, it shoots in 2.7k at up to 30 FPS. It can also shoot in WVGA at 240 FPS at the other end of the scale, which will get you some incredible slo-mo. A first for GoPro, and just so happens to be on the 4 Silver, is the built in LCD touch screen. With this you can navigate through the menu with ease, set up your shots, and even playback your footage in real time without any additional accessories. This will undoubtedly be their most popular selling camera. 

Aside from the resolution features, the Silver has a lot of the same features as the Black. For starters it has a new lens, the new processor, and a new image sensor which will give you smoother playback with richer, crisper, more vibrant colors. They’ve enhanced the audio as well.  They replaced the mics to now give you cleaner audio in multiple surroundings with a further range. The camera got a pretty impressive upgrade as well; you now have 12 Megapixels with the capability of shooting up to 30 FPS in burst mode. On the previous 3 Silver it was only 10 megapixels and 10 FPS. Now let’s talk about a few of the different settings because this really is what unleashes the full potential of the camera. A few new ones are Night Photo and Night lapse. This allows you to take photos in ultra low light conditions and set the exposure to up to 30 seconds in night lapse. HiLight tag is also a big one. This lets you tag key moments during your film session so that way you can go back and find your best stuff easier and faster. You’ll really like that one in post-production. Quick Capture. This is really convenient because now you can have a one button mode essentially, so you can turn it on and shoot quickly. Sometimes you may not have enough time to go through your settings and dial it in. So that’s really cool. The last one is auto low light which is huge for a GoPro. This will automatically adjust frame rate to compensate so that way you don’t have to each and every time.  A good example is the tree reference I mentioned in the Hero 4 Black video or imagine you’re walking next to wood fence with light coming through after each post. There have been a few changes on the outside of the camera as well. The biggest on is the battery location. It has now been relocated to the bottom with a little door.

The front display screen has changed a bit, not only is it easier to toggle through but the indicator lights are right next to it as well. They use to be on the lower part of the camera next to the lens.


A few more features that come in handy are the built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can download the GoPro app, which has been newly updated, steam footage and quickly upload it to social media and a lot other cool things. Download it for yourself and check it out. We pulled out the newest features this camera has to offer. For more technical info visit and while you’re there you can also check out all of the other cool accessories.

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