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Video: Icon Overlord Motorcycle Boots Review

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Icon Overlord Motorcycle Boots Review

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Watch a short video on the Icon Overlord Motorcycle Boots


Watch a short video on the Icon Overlord Motorcycle Boots

I’m Matt from Chaparral and these are the new Icon Overlord boots.These are a part of the new Overlord collection. They’re more of a hot weather sport riding boot and they offer a good amount of protection. You have leather in its main construction fused with mesh panels just above the ankle and on the side of the foot. On the heel there are 4 exhaust vents, so this will flow a pretty good amount of air. You also have this textile material built in on the top of the foot and at the back of the leg to give you plenty of movement when you’re in position. There’s plenty of TPU in all of the right places like shin, there’s an external ankle protector, also an internal ankle protector. You have this replaceable scuff pad, backed by another layer if layer for durability. It just has two screws and you can swap it out.  And there’s a lot more TPU covering the heel pretty well. Notice how all of the seams are double stitched, this is just a bit of reassurance to make sure they don’t burst open. Sometimes boots can be a pain in the butt to get on and off. These seem to be pretty simple; you have a rubber pull tab at the top with Velcro. There’s more Velcro on the zipper so that won’t come undone and it’ll stay tucked and out of the way. The zipper is nice, it comes all the down to make it easy to really open it up and slide your foot in there. Now the sole, it has a small heel which hooks up nicely with the pegs. It has a super grippy texture for even more traction and an axial metric steel shank to keep it rigid. So that’s it on the new Icon Overlord boot. To see the other colors and sizes available go to Also be sure to check out the entire Overlord collection. Subscribe to us on YouTube to see more cool stuff, Thanks for watching I’m matt from chaparral.

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