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Video: Metzeler Sportec M7 RR Motorcycle Tires Review

Metzeler Sportec M7 RR Motorcycle Tires Review - Video Gallery
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Metzeler Sportec M7 RR Motorcycle Tires Review

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Watch a short video on the Metzeler Sportec M7 RR Motorcycle Tires


Watch a short video on the Metzeler Sportec M7 RR Motorcycle Tires

I’m Matt from Chaparral Motorsports here with the new Metzler Sportec™ M7RR.

So here’s the scoop. This an all-weather, sport performance tire that easily adapts to many different road conditions without skipping a beat. If the Z8, which is their premier sport touring tire, and the aggressive K3, which is their no nonsense full on sport tire, had a little tire baby. This would be it. This would be a great option for riders who commute during the week and then like to throw on a full suit and hit up the canyons on the weekends. They’ve improved grip, longevity, and water dispersal. They’ve really improved the tread pattern.  Notice that there’s now more grooves and that they’re a bit longer, which leads to a number of things. The more grooves, the better the wet traction because they drive more water out quicker and more efficiently.  Inside the groove you’ll see that it varies in its depth and width. Well when you’re at an extremely lean angle, this will give you improved water drainage giving you more feel and confidence on wet surfaces. If you look close to the center line of this tire you notice a slick strip in between the treads. This will give you more direct contact with the road and better acceleration in the straight away. In between the grooves you’ll see what they call compound bridges. This will give that area some rigidity for when conditions are normal which will keep them stabile while cornering. The Front tire is a single compound which consists of a 100% silica content. The rear uses a dual compound 40/20/40 split. The shoulders have 100 percent silica whereas the center has 70 percent silica.  This will give you extended mileage and excellent grip in corners. Another interesting feature is the belt technology. Like the Z8 and Z6, they utilize different tensions within the tire. Having a higher tension in the center helps the tire to stay cooler, adding mileage.  Having the opposite on the shoulders, the tires would the heat up faster which in turn gives them more grip. So just a recap, this is a Sportec M5 on steroids. Better grip on wet, dry even dirty roads. Excellent water dispersal and extended mileage. You can find all of the sizes available on our website and be sure to use the tire finder if you aren’t too sure.Don’t forget to subscribe to us on YouTube. Thanks for watching. I’m Matt, we’ll see you again.






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