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Video: GMZ Kahuna UTV Tire Review

GMZ Kahuna UTV Tire Review - Video Gallery
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GMZ Kahuna UTV Tire Review

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Watch a quick video on the GMZ Kahuna UTV Tire


Watch a quick video on the GMZ Kahuna UTV Tire

I’m Matt from Chaparral here with the GMZ Kahuna side by side tire. These are a fairly new tire, released earlier this year. Down here in Southern California we have a lot of hard packed surfaces, rocky terrain and the occasional random sand dune here and there.  We also have the luxury of a few side by side tracks nearby. So we need a tire that will perform well and that can handle all of these different types of surfaces. Well these tires do just that. They have a radial design which will give you a smooth ride, and they’re extremely beefy. You get an 8 ply construction with a heavy duty sidewall. So just think outside of a nicely groomed track, When we’re at high speeds, there’s going to be sharp, jagged rocks, and sticks and branches. You get the idea; you get excellent puncture protection with these. These tires also do exceptionally well with slow speed rock crawling and trail riding. That’s something that’s pretty common in a lot of different areas. We’re about 30 minutes from the mountains or even somewhere like Joshua Tree, not too much further. Again, they have an aggressive shoulder lug design to get you through some really tough spots and especially with you out there that are running a 30”, you have plenty on meat on this tire to allow flex. If you pair them up with a set of bead lock wheels you’ll be in good shape. A few other features about these are the self-cleaning grooves, which is important in maintaining traction. Also they give you plenty of room for your own custom grooving along the center. Another great thing is they’re DOT approved. Sadly it’s illegal to drive your side by side to the grocery store here in Cali. However own neighbors in Arizona sure can. And probably a lot of other places too. We’ll quickly talk about sizing, because that’s another animal. The most popular UTV out here is a RZR, not saying the best. I know you Maverick and Wildcat guys were about to be a little heated. Anyhow, I’m going to use it as a reference. 1000 owners typically run the 30x10x14, that’s normally what we run on all of mods, as yes we do mods, lots of mods. It’s a good all-around size and makes it easier to carry that 5th tire as a spare. 900 owners can run the 30’s but you will need to make some modifications to the front fenders because they will have a clearance issue. But its not that hard to do. 28’s will be your best bet if you didn’t want to deal with it. For those of you that have an 800, the 28 inch is the biggest you’ll want to run because 30’s may look cool but you’re going to have to do a lot more to your car to make them work, a lot more. So that’s what these tire can do, order a set and check them out for yourself or if you already have these leave us some feedback and tell us what you think. For more sizes available and pricing or other GMZ race products visit Don’t forget to subscribe to us on YouTube. Thanks for watching. I’m Matt, we’ll see you again.  





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