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Video: Michelin Commander II Motorcycle Tire Review

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Michelin Commander II Motorcycle Tire Review

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View a quick review on the Michelin Commander II Motorcycle Tire


View a quick review on the Michelin Commander II Motorcycle Tire

I’m Matt from Chaparral Motorsports here with a quick video breaking down the features of Michelin’s Commander II motorcycle tire. Specifically designed for the cruiser market is the Commander II. Whether your bike is American or metric, you have a bias or radial, these tires are proven to last twice as long as it’s competitors. Michelin didn’t throw that out there hoping you’d believe it. They put it to the test with third party testing showing double the mileage and increased performance. 
Amplified Density Technology.. It’s a highly dense casing that is more rigid than ever before. Resulting in increased feedback to the rider and amps up the handling compared to other top names in the industry. Square wire beads are also used to improve rigidity in its structure. Aramid plies are placed in the rear tire help to reduce weight while increasing strength and stability. These tread patterns aren’t just for looks either. This unique longitudinal flame design are grooves that disperse water more quickly, increasing your
confidence when riding through wet weather conditions.  So let’s recap:

-Designed and tested for cruisers only.

-Exceptional wet weather grip.

-Better handling.

-Amazing stability.

And most importantly you won’t feel like you’re changing tires as often as you change your socks because these tires were designed for the long haul. For more info on sizes, pricing and availability…Give us a call 1-800-841-2960 to speak with our awesome staff. Check us out at
Or see us at our 160,000 sq foot motorsports superstore. Thanks for watching, I’m Matt from Chaparral, your destination for all things motorsports.

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