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Video: GMZ Sand Stripper SxS Tires Review

GMZ Sand Stripper SxS Tires Review - Video Gallery
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GMZ Sand Stripper SxS Tires Review

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Watch a quick video on the GMZ Sand Stripper SxS Tires


Watch a quick video on the GMZ Sand Stripper SxS Tires


I’m Matt from Chaparral Motorsports here with the GMZ Sand Stripper. These are a must for your side by side if you’re planning on going to places like Glamis, Pismo beach or the Oregon sand dunes. GMZ has a great assortment of tires that dig deep and give you awesome traction. These do the same in just a different way. These tires were designed specifically for side by sides and when it comes to paddle tires the idea is to be lightweight and you want the tires to float on top of the surface. Otherwise you’ll just be digging yourself a nice little hole. You wouldn’t want a bunch of paddles on the front tire because it wouldn’t turn anywhere. What you do want is something like these ribs along the outside of the tire.  These ribs are 5/8ths of inch tall and they’ll help you turn sharper especially if you have a 4 seater and these have a 6 ply radial design to keep them light yet durable. This is a 28x12x14 which will match up perfectly on your RZR 900 or 1000. What you also want to do is get the proper offset to maximize the performance of these tires. The rear is a little bit different. There are two models both 28x15x14 and both are also a 6 ply radial tire with a heavy duty sidewall. It helps them stay light but strong at the same time and keeps you protected against punctures. Even out in the sand you still never know what you’ll come across. Here are the differences. The standard Sand Stripper has 14 staggered paddles with a three quarter inch tall paddle. This was designed for cars 900cc’s or lower and it’ll still allow you to throw it around easily and have some fun and of course float really well. This is the HP model which was designed more for the 1000cc cars. The construction of the tire is all the same except for the actual paddles. You still have 14 but these are a bit taller, right at 1 1/8th of an inch and in the typical in line formation. They work really well for hill climbing especially. That’s it for the GMZ Sand Strippers for more info or Other GMZ race products visit Don’t forget to subscribe to us on YouTube. Thanks for watching. I’m Matt, we’ll see you again.












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